HOME Group Classes

We offer both co-op and high school classes to support the needs of our families.

What is the difference?

Co-op classes are taught by the parent members of our co-op.  We all work together to create a wonderful program of enriching classes for our kindergarten through 9th graders.  The co-op classes are typically held on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of the month; with some exceptions. Co-op Fridays begin at 9:25am with Worship & Announcements and are followed by two 70-minute class periods by age group.  In addition, we offer optional afternoon activities: Lunch Period, Open Gym Time and Academy of Music at HOME.  The fall semester runs from September through December, and the winter semester runs from January through April with 7 class meetings in each semester.

High School classes  are taught by carefully chosen professionals.  We are so very blessed to have each of these instructors work with our parents in furthering the education of our high schoolers.  Our instructors focus on developing Christian worldview, discovering gifts and purpose, and teaching perseverance through challenges.  Our highly qualified instructors have created year-long syllabi.  Each class is designed to earn ½-1 credit that is transcript worthy.  Weekly Friday lectures, discussions and labs will support your study at home.  Most high school classes run every Friday, and we offer four blocks of classes to choose from.  High school classes are full year classes that meet from September through May in either a 32 week or 16 week program, with some Fridays off for holidays.  Check each class syllabus for exact dates.

HOME Student Council

Provide opportunities for growth in relationship with God & others, leadership & service. Build community by being inclusive & inviting. Improve educational opportunities. Organize and lead service projects and social events.

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Sick Policy

Please stay home if you or any of your children are sick (fever free for 24 hours, no cough & clear runny nose). Please be mindful of that when considering whether or not to attend classes. Both adult and student absences are to be reported to Jocelyn Jarvis to ensure safe and proper adult to student ratios in the classroom.  Jocelyn will schedule Floating Subs to cover Assistant absences. We ask that teachers contact one of their assistants to cover the class. Call or Text Jocelyn Jarvis (contact information is on FRED).

Inclement Weather Policy

We follow Troy School District closings due to inclement weather that causes hazardous driving. HOME Group classes remain open if the Troy School closing is due to cold temperatures. Watch your email and Facebook for details and decisions.

Register Your Family

Registering your family equips you to be able to … connect with other homeschooling families in our group, sign up for special events, field trips, and enroll your children in classes.

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