High School Information

You are interested in joining the HOME Group, but you want to know what the expectations are?


HOME High School General Information

  • If you only have students participating in the High School/Professional Classes, you will not be asked to serve in a classroom.
  • HS Classes will be run by the paid instructors.
  • HS classes are full year classes that meet from September through May every Friday for either 32 weeks or 16 weeks; per the class syllabus – with some Fridays off for holidays.
  • If you have children that will be taking part in co-op classes, find out more information here.

How Do You Start?

  • Register your family on FRED (Friendly Registration and Enrollment Database)
  • The Administrator will then send you a welcome email requesting a reply from you.
  • Once your account is activated, you will receive an email with further instructions (adding your children and selecting email preferences).  You will then be able to enroll in classes and RSVP for HOME events.
  • Pay an annual registration fee of $50 per student.