Faith HOME Group has many great opportunities!  

If you need a log to keep track of volunteer hours, click here to download.  Community Service Hours Log Sheet

Check below to see some of them.

Forgotten Harvest – The Food Rescuers Service Opportunity

HOME Coordinator:  Beth Helmer @ helmerdb25@comcast.net

Details:  Serve the Lord by helping to feed the hungry and care for those in need. Homeschoolers (ages 5-18)  join together at the Forgotten Harvest (21800 Greenfield Rd. – Oakpark 48237) from 9am-12pm.

Requirements to serve:  email Beth with your family name and email address. Ten days prior to the service date, Beth will send an email to all registered with her. RSVP to Beth with the number of adults and kids attending. Forgotten Harvest requires an RSVP from Beth one week in advance.

Service Dates:  November 15, January 17, February 15, March 14 and more to follow.

Pizza FUNdraiser

Erin Oginsky, HOME Group mom, partners with Mission 25 that creates educational opportunities for children in Cambodia. FUNds raised from pizza sales will provide scholarships, clean water, shoes and the Hope of the Gospel. Go to the Events Calendar to check out the dates. Register on FRED/General/Events at www.flchomegroup.com. Contact Person – Erin Oginsky @ erinoginsky@yahoo.com

In addition to the Mission 25 Pizza FUNdraisers, high school students will have the opportunity to organize their own to help support them in the quest to go on mission trips. Watch your emails for details.

Pop Can Tab Collections

Can tabs are the easiest way to help our local Ronald McDonald House – easy to store and take up little space. Donations help families feel like they are in a “home away from home” while their child receives treatment for serious illness or hospitalization. Turn your tabs in on co-op Fridays at the HOME Welcome Desk. Contact Person – Cathy Rowan @ travelcathy@wowway.com

Empty Prescription Bottles

Matthew 25 Ministries accepts donations of empty prescription pill bottles to help improve health care quality in developing nations. Donations of clean, UNLABELED pill bottles help the poorest of the poor in many ways. Medicine can be distributed in sterile containers. Pill bottles that are not appropriate for shipping are recycled for cash that goes towards Matthew 25 Ministry programs. Contact person- Cathy Rowan @ travelcathy@wowway.com

Box Tops for Education

10 cents a Box Top adds up quickly and benefits our HOME Group Members with free field trips, seminars and resources for our lending library. Please clip the labels along the perforated lines and turn them in on co-op Fridays at the HOME Welcome Desk. Contact Person – Cathy Rowan @ travelcathy@wowway.com

 Used Ink Cartridges

The FundingFactory turns our used toner and inkjet cartridges into cash to help fund HOME Group special events. This is a 100% free fundraising program that helps our community and our environment.  Turn in your used cartridges on co-op Fridays at the HOME Welcome Desk. Contact Person – Cathy Rowan @ travelcathy@wowway.com

Soles4Souls Shoe Collection

This organization accepts shoes for all children and adults in the USA and around the world. All types of shoes are collected. They accept new shoes, worn out shoes, broken shoes, and even one shoe of a pair. Shoes are repaired as needed and S4S helps families set up shoe stores. Cathy will collect shoes two times per year. The first will be from October 13-27 (check the events calendar for the second collection). All pairs should be securely banded together. Turn shoes in on co-op Fridays at the HOME Welcome Desk or deliver to Cathy’s home. Contact Person – Cathy Rowan @ travelcathy@wowway.com